Choosing Virtual Discount Cards for Your Charity Fundraiser

Written by: Steven Wise

Published: December 16, 2020

Why Choose Virtual Discount Cards for Your Charity Fundraiser

If you are part of generation X, you probably have a memory or two of your parents obsessively clipping coupons from the local newspaper. What you probably don’t know is that supermarkets spend up to $30,000 for each full page coupon advertisment. There is a good reason that these businesses are willing to spend this amount of money. It works. 10% of people will decide which supermarket to go to, based on the discounts offered.

If you are looking for the best way to gain donations for a virtual fundraising campaign, offering rewards through a digital discount card is an excellent option. You will be able to tap into the powerful psychology of discounts and coupons, increasing your donations. You will also be able to establish long-term relationships with local businesses. They understand the value of virtual discount cards, and having partnerships with charitable organizations only makes it more attractive for them.

Virtual Discount Cards Make People Happy

In a study by Claremont Graduate University, it was revealed that people who receive discounts or coupons with a $10 value, have a 38% rise in oxytocin levels. Their breathing rate dropped by 32%, and their heart rate dropped by 5%. Essentially, they felt more relaxed and happy. There is real science behind the idea of offering virtual discount cards in exchange for donations.

Virtual Discount Cards Stop “Donation Abandonment”

Between 50 and 70% of people give up on giving, half way through the transaction. However, when presented with a reward such as a discount at a local retailer, donors are more likely to complete the transaction. This is particularly true for first time donors. They may perceive a level of risk when considering a new charity or non-profit organization. But when there are measurable perks, 80% of people will be encouraged to spend money.

It is Easy to Convince Businesses to Donate Virtual Discounts

Most retail businesses understand the value that discounts can bring to their bottom line. As a charity or community group, you can create an amazing rewards package for your donors by approaching local businesses with a clear understanding of the benefits. You can arm your members with the following details:

  • Offering discounts can enormously reduce the costs of acquiring new loyal customers.
  • It can also encourage customers to try new product lines and share their reviews though word-of-mouth advertising.
  • Virtual discount cards can also help a local business to turn over out-of-season stock or excess inventory.

Virtual Discount Cards vs Paper Coupons

There are plenty of people who still love clipping coupons from the newspaper. But, for a local organization or charity, especially if you are in the environmental space, going paperless is a great way to lead by example. Additionally, virtual discount cards are much easier to use and process, as opposed to keeping track of little pieces of paper.

With the Zurly virtual fundraising platform, your donors can simply arrive at the local pizza place, and get their 50% off by swiping to the right on the Zurly rewards application. The application supports an unlimited amount of rewards, so donors can keep their “coupons” all in one place on their mobile device. You can share your virtual discount card fundraising campaign on all kinds of social media, and people can donate with a click of a button using a credit card.

If you are ready to start fundraising using virtual discount cards, take a look at the Zurly website to open your free account.



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